About the Author:

Asif Sibgat Bhuiyan, the author, is a  Bangladeshi muslim male. Most of his life is spent in the cities of Mymansingh and Dhaka. After completing a B.B.A in Institute of Business Administration of Dhaka University, he lectured  in BIMS University College. He then joined the Bangladesh Chapter of Islamic Online University as Project Manager. He has done masters in both Islamic Studies and Economics from Bangladesh Islami University and United International University respectively (degree not conferred yet in economics). He also completed an Arabic Program in Qatar University and has an ijazah or permission in the recitation of Hafs in the Qur’an and an unbroken chain that leads up to the Prophet of Allah (pbuh). Asif also is a student of the online Islamic Study program of Al-Akadimiayah al-Islamiah al-Maftuha.

Lately he and some other friends has created an organization called Ibana which has several da’wah projects under its belt.


One thought on “About

  1. Monwar says:

    Great to see you chasing your dream!

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